Julia Jardine

(VIC) Executive Officer

Photo of A Rocha Australia Executive Officer Julia Jardine from VIC

Julia has over 20 years of experience of urban planning, drawing together her care for people and the environment through the design and delivery of healthy, high-quality and sustainable urban places and communities.

She read Geography as an undergraduate and has an MSc in Urban Planning, specializing in environmental impact assessment. Since moving to Australia in 2017 Julia has worked in local government, for the Victorian State planning department and for a land management company specializing in wilderness protection, ecological restoration and regenerative agriculture.  

Julia is actively involved in church life and has enjoyed junior church leadership, summer residential camps for 10-14 year olds, international student ministry and one-to-one mentoring. She currently leads the Creation Care team at Syndal Baptist Church in Melbourne. 

She has volunteered with a number of A Rocha organizations around the world, initially at Cruzinha, Portugal in 1992 and subsequently in Kenya and Uganda. 

Julia became a member of the Board of Directors of A Rocha Australia in early 2018 and was appointed as Executive Director in 2022.

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