Project: Collaboration on the Capernwray Environmental Plan

Subject: research, conservation, education

Location: Capernwray, Burradoo, Southern Highlands NSW

A Rocha Australia has been partnering with Capernwray Torchbearers Australia since 2017 at their Wongabri property on the bank of the Wingecarribee River.

Key outcomes so far:

  • providing technical advice for on-ground environmental restoration activities
  • facilitating public seminars
  • delivering regular bible teaching on creation care to Capernwray Bible School students 
  • developing relationships with local government and community environmental groups
Capernwray students planted trees in October 2016
Sunrise bird watching at Cecil Hoskins Nature Reserve during a conference in 2015

Capernwray’s property is situated in a high rainfall, fertile region heavily cleared for agriculture. The property adjoins the Cecil Hoskins Nature Reserve wetland, at which over 90 species of birds have been recorded.

The corner planting site near the river before planting
October 2016
The corner planting site near the river showing good establishment and growth three years after planting
April 2019

On-ground works have focused on conserving an endangered eucalypt species, Paddy’s River Box Eucalyptus macarthurii, and restoring woodland habitat. The pre-European vegetation at the Capernwray property was the Southern Highlands Shale Forest and Woodland, now listed as a threatened ecological community at both State and National levels. Tree planting commenced in October 2016.

Remnant Eucalyptus macarthurii on the Capernwray property

Capernwray operates a Bible School and Holiday Centre on the property. Several events have been hosted here in conjunction with A Rocha Australia including: 

  • conferences on ’Caring for the Garden in a Fallen World: A Christian Perspective on Nature Conservation’ and lectures for students and the general public
  • a seminar on threatened species in the Southern Highlands, co-hosted with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
  • a national conference in October 2016 with A Rocha co-founders Peter and Miranda Harris as guest speakers
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