Project: Cassinia Collaboration

Subject: research, conservation

Since 2018 A Rocha Australia has been partnering with Cassinia Environmental, a leader in landscape restoration and biodiversity protection.

Cassinia Environmental owns and manages many rural properties across Australia, working to restore, reconnect and protect Australia’s natural ecosystems and endeavouring to see all of Australia’s national parks reconnected through biodiversity-based revegetation projects. Cassinia is the largest private land covenanter in Victoria and has delivered over 105 landscape-scale projects across four states. 

A Rocha Australia members and supporters participate in BioBlitzes, endangered species assessments, tree planting and weed control activities on Cassinia sites, helping with the restoration of land and creation of biolinks.

Photos of teams conducting field studies research on a property in Victoria
Bushland on a central Victorian property, a close up of South African Weed Orchid, three volunteers with a bag each of collected weeds.
A close up photo of a tubestock being planted, planters planting next to large trees, a planter carrying a tray of native vegetation tubestock, on a property in Victoria
Photos of planters and planted trees on a property in Victoria

Key projects with Cassnia are:

Across Victoria, A Rocha Australia works with Cassinia on a range of activities: 

  • Revegetating and planting on sites across Victoria, including at Amphitheatre, Glenaroua and Watchbox Wetland
  • Removal of the South African Weed Orchid Disa bracteate at Glenaroua, near Seymour, central Victoria 
  • Birds on Farms surveys near Kyneton and Broadford, central Victoria
  • Monitoring endangered Malleefowl Leipoa ocellata populations, north-west Victoria

Acoustic monitoring of a wetland for critically endangered Australasian Bitterns Botaurus poiciloptilus, South-West Victoria

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