Project: Mount Sandy

Subject: research, conservation

Location: Meningie, SA

Traditional lands of the Ngarrindjeri people

Cassinia Environmental has a partnership site near Coorong Lakes. The overall goal here is to improve the extent and condition of Coastal Mallee and Swamp Paperbark vegetation. This is a model for sustainable landscape protection and restoration through community partnerships, here with the Ngarrindjeri people. This video profiles the Cassinia and Mount Sandy partnership. 

View looking out low shrub, wetlands and distant cleared farmland

In 2022 A Rocha Australia started to help at this site in South Australia with revegetating cleared farmland. Locally indigenous plants are being propagated in the Raukkan nursery. Over the last two years, thousands of tubestock have been planted.

In September 2023 Wilderlands Australia ecologists led a spring walk in the conservation area, revealing an amazing array of flowers. The Orchid Society of South Australia has been invited to help identify the diverse range of orchids and catalogue the number of rare Metallic Sun-Orchids.

Low woodland and shrubland; meeting around a campfire with a guitar
A group of tree planters and trays of tubestock
A boy planting a tree, trays of tubestock and a view over the field being planted with hundreds of tree guards visible
A pink flowering form of Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp., Pyrorchis nigricans (Fire Orchid or Red beaks), Xanthorrhoea caespitosa (Sand-heath Grass-tree), Thelymitra epipactoides (Metallic Sun-Orchid), Thelymitra rubra (Salmon Sun-Orchid)

A Rocha Australia looks forward to helping at this site regularly.

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